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Top 7 Tips for Effective SEO Content Writing

If you wish to get your website rank high when it comes to search engines and increase traffic then effective content adhering to SEO mode is of high importance. The effectiveness of SEO content decides if the website would bring in traffic or wither off unnoticed. Outlined below are some of the top rated areas which need to be followed for effective SEO content writing. Follow these tips and benefit from them.

1) Write for the reader:

One of the most important tips is to keep your content informative, to the point and highly relevant to the subject on hand. Try to keep the words simple and easy for a layman to understand. Jargons and complicated vocabulary should be avoided. Get to know which segment of readers your content would cater to. This can help build your content effectively to attract the intended segment. Updating the website information on a constant basis also forms an important part of SEO content writing.

2) Headlines /sub-headlines and bullets:

Looking at today’s the fast track life, no one has the time to read through the whole content and get what they need. Instead usage of catchy headings as well as bullets to summarize the content proves to be effective with the reader. Providing information in the form of tidbits can capture the interest of the consumer. Be sure to provide contact information and required details for the reader to follow up.

3) Effective keyword selection / usage:

There is no point of stuffing gibberish content with loads of keywords to get a good ranking. It might help you jump the queue in a search engine, but when it comes to getting more customers on an ongoing basis, it will miserably fail. Hence it is important to keep the keyword flow seamless and inconspicuous, while being effective and to the point.

5) Content that is free of errors:

Informative content also need to be thoroughly scanned for any spelling/grammatical errors. Be it a sentence error or just punctuation – errors need to be avoided. Any content with errors does not fail to annoy a reader and this can cause the reader to stop midway. Check for mistakes before submission. Sentences should be kept short, to the point and need to be structured well.

6)Keep the paragraphs short:

Do not fill in all information in 1 or 2 paragraphs. Instead keep the paragraphs short and split the information between many paragraphs. This helps the reader to go through and absorb the content effectively.

7) Keep the tone positive:

 It is important to maintain a positive tone throughout your SEO content writing. Though content writing is all about marketing of the content, it is not necessary to have a selling tone from beginning to end. Do stick to a promotional aspect when it comes to your home and service pages. Apart from this the complete content need to be precise and informative.

Thus content writing is not about creativity but about providing relevant information in a presentable manner.


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