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Books are the oldest form of entertainment and education. Over the centuries, man has been educated, entertained, instructed, and motivated through books. Although technology and the internet has almost eclipsed the popularity of books, nothing can beat the experience of reading a good book. Over the years, the book has undergone many changes in terms of design, content, and form. E-books are becoming increasingly popular among both readers and writers owing to its convenience and affordability. Although slow to pick on, the E-book has certainly made waves in winning over people at a steady rate. Printing and publishing costs are eliminated; thereby, enabling almost anybody to write and publish a book online for a fracture of the cost associated with printing a book. There are even e-book versions of old classics that are available online.

However, due to the abundance of e-book writers and bloggers on the internet, getting your e-book noticed and appreciated can be tricky. This is where we come into the picture. SEO Content Lab is a complete IT solutions company that provides comprehensive and affordable e-book design solutions for its clients. All you need to do is send us your content and you get to enjoy a range of exclusive features that include:

Comprehensive ebook design, fully tailored to your specifications.

Stunning artwork designed to hold your attention.

Impressive cover art that projects a professional image.

Attractive pages on the interior holding readers captive.

Edge treatments, layering and blending that lends depth and dimension.

Personalized sidebars and quote sections to stress your most pertinent points.

Interior links and a listed table of contents along with easy to view page numbering.

Content formatting that reflects your professional side from start to finish.


Regardless of whether we take the assignment of a major publisher or a self-publishing author—our work meets the highest standards. Your e-book designer will be constantly accessible at any time during the course of designing and handling your ebook project. We are only happy to incorporate your suggestions into your project and we provide you suggestions to make your e-book more attractive and successful. You will always have the opportunity to make modifications at any time when the ebook project is underway to ensure the highest quality is achieved. We provide free consultation if you need to plan in advance and facilitate affordable and convenient ebook conversion to print-on-demand or traditional offset printing. If you decide to print your ebook, we can help ensure a trouble-free printing experience. In the rare event that there is a compliance problem with the finished project files, we will work directly with your printer to resolve the issue immediately, although, this has never happened. So, let your dreams come true, and make your e-book a reality.

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